• How to create a business plan.
  • Strategies on how to pivot your business.
  • How to strategically downsize your company without compromising value.
  • How to reinvent your business.
  • Finding your competitive edge in a competitive environment.
  • How to build a successful franchise system.
  • How to expand your business from 1 to 1000 locations.
  • Strategic benefits as you compare a franchise vs License agreement.
  • The steps necessary to build a successful franchise or License brand.
  • How to bootstrap a company and grow it to global brand.
  • When is the right time to raise capital and how much.
  • How to assemble an executive board for your company.
  • How to create a successful exit strategy for you and your business.
  • Finding a competitive advantage for your business and how to market to your strength.
  • Feeling stuck in your job or your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Reinventing yourself in a competitive market.
  • How to transition from one occupation to another.
  • Staying energized post retirement.
  • Finding and maintaining the four pillars of balance in your life; family, business, faith and health.