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Who is Peter Taunton?
Peter Taunton, a self-made pioneer in the wellness industry with over thirty years of experience, learned the first critical lesson of entrepreneurship at eight years old selling popcorn in front of his father’s grocery store. “Don’t wait for business to fall in your lap, you’ve got to get out from behind the popcorn stand and ask people if they’d like some” - that fundamental advice passed down from his father would stick with Peter and propel him to become the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year and founder of one of the largest fitness franchises in the world. Over the years Taunton has been featured in several prestigious industry and entrepreneurial magazines such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc.
Peter is possibly the most competitive person I've ever met and seems to have a unique ability to balance passion, work ethic, and unprecedented generosity to drive results in all aspects of his life. His business success is undeniable but the more impressive unknown characteristic is his desire to continue evolving in the areas of friendship and philanthropy.
Rick Ehrman
In an age where money has seemed to take the place of God for some and apparently has led to the loss of ethics for others... Peter is someone who has demonstrated to me how wealth, health and power can all be handled gracefully when we seek God's glory.
Augusto Valverde
I have known Peter for 26 years, and have watched with amazement how he has grown professionally and personally. He has built a company from scratch, with a tremendous amount of determination, grit, focus, courage, energy and passion. Combining those six factors with ample common sense and “street smarts”, and you can see why Peter is so successful.
Scott Anderson
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